We are a landscape planning company, whose main activities -wholesale and retail trade of large trees;large trees planting and replanting. Fourteen years of practical experience, continuous cooperation with leading European nurseries, we can offer, perhaps, the greatest range of trees in Lithuania. We specialize in large size, special form trees planting. We offer a wide range of trunk road trees and guarantee the highest quality and European standards.

We are available across Lithuania and abroad

Landscape architect
Giedrė Nevidonskytė

Large trees

Longstanding great professional experience of Western Europe and grown in nursery production have made possibilities to create an instant green-plot for 50 years older garden. Large adult trees planted or transferred with the ground balls is stated by strains that are protected from mechanical damage during transportation. Formed root balls usually have about 70% of the plant roots.
When you buy an adult tree, you jump to the time and create yourself the opportunity to acquire the maximum height, size and age of the tree. By investing in a plant, you are investing in the future.


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Deciduous and coniferous trees are exported to Latvia, Estonia and the Russian regions.